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We are proud to exclusively grow California Sweet Dragon™. These are one of a kind, self-fertile, and ultra sweet varieties of red and white flesh Dragon Fruits. We currently have 40 acres of gorgeous farm land located in Rainbow, California producing delicious California Dragon Fruit. The semi-tropical and arid climate of California during the summer months (August – November) allows us to harvest and maintain these varieties. 

Past the oval shaped fruit’s brilliant red leathery skin and greenish shoots lies the white and red flesh. The flesh is refreshingly sweet and distinct, also visible are scattered edible and nutritious black seeds. Each Dragon Fruit weighs from 150-160 grams, some pieces make reach up to one kilogram! When ripe, keep refrigerated and consume within a few days. The fruit is ready to eat when skin is red.

Dragon Fruit is a primary nutritional “super food” that has a natural dietary fiber complex four times the natural fiber content of a banana! The intrigue of Dragon Fruit can be attributed to its wealth of vitamins and potent antioxidants. The fruit is also low calorie in nature.

Because of the scarcity of our varieties, limited seasonal availability, and high demand, please contact Moonland Produce directly for a source of vendors and retail stores providing our truly one of a kind treat!