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RoDo™ is a subsidiary program of Moonland Produce, focusing on the imports of fruits and vegetables into the United States via Vietnam. RoDo™ was founded on the principles of quality and integrity, our growers packing under the RoDo™ umbrella are carefully selected for their quality and adherence to USDA import requirements. Our program currently includes Dragon Fruit and Young Coconut, with weekly container loads arriving into the Port of Los Angeles. RoDo™ and Moonland Produce plan on importing Lychee, Longan, Ginger, and Rambutan once these three commodities are cleared via USDA for import into the United States (~2018).

RoDo™ Dragon Fruit is acquired from growers in the Long An province of Southern Vietnam. Each of our growers are selected based on their fruit’s sugar content and export quality potential. Because of Vietnam’s ability to harvest Dragon Fruit year round, we are able to offer our customers quality Dragon Fruit year round with very little gaps in production. These fruits are packed in 10 pound net weight boxes. Dragon Fruits are world renown for their various health benefits, a low calorie snack packing natural fiber and essential vitamins! 

RoDo™ Young Coconut is acquired from growers in the Ben Tre province of Southern Vietnam. Our Young Coconuts are famous for their mild, yet sweet and fresh taste. These Coconuts are trimmed (diamond shape), shrink wrapped, and packed with straws into 9 count boxes. These are a ready to drink and enjoy product! RoDo™ Young Coconut is currently only available during the summer and fall months, from July through November. Enjoy one today! 

All of our RoDo™ commodities are harvested, packed, and shipped under current USDA import requirements and GLOBALG.A.P procedures.