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We specialize in distributing wholesale produce at competitive prices. Not only do we import varieties of fresh produce from growers/farmers, our advantage of sourcing from them directly allows us to offer economical prices, quality produce and exceptional customer service.
Moonland’s facility enables us to source, pack and ship products on time and according to your budget. Our facility is conducted by a team of managers and employees with years of produce experience. We adhere to current food safety protocol, daily/weekly inspections of our repacking machines, continuous documented cleaning procedures and a stringent tracking system, that allows us to provide a top of the line record of our performance. With our team’s dedication to our mission, combined with our well-structured quality assurance processes, we ensure that only the highest quality produce reaches our customers.

Our stainless steel repacking machine allows for us to repack quickly and efficiently. Our trained staff is proficient in quality control of the various fruits and vegetables we repack into the boxes of your choice.

We provide clear and durable trays in a number of different sizes for Tomatoes, Lemons and many other round fruits and vegetables.The trays are sealed with modified atmosphere perforation film (MAP) keeping the products sealed at their optimum shelf life.
Our machine provides net bagging for products including but not limited to Ginger and Avocado in a mesh green or yellow, sturdy net bag. The machine can produce a minimum of 480 bags per hour. We can bag anything that needs to be contained.

The benefit of our net bagging service is that we can supply and ensure quality control before your product goes into the ready-made package for your customer.

Pre-conditioning is a way of scientifically ripening produce. Pre-conditioning is both a science and an art. We use ethylene natural gas to ripen certain fruits. We monitor the fruit closely, every day during its time in the ripening room. Each load of fruit is ripened based on our customer’s specifications. There are 6 different stages to our ripening process but we can begin pre-conditioning at any stage, customizing a ripening system just for you. Our two ripening rooms currently pre-condition Avocados in large volume and our ripening system can be used to pre-condition many other fruits, like Tomatoes and Bananas, etc.
The company has 30,000 square feet of facility for customers looking for cold storage services. Specifically, we provide 4 large refrigerated coolers, and 10 refrigerated shipping and receiving docks. Our cooler services cater to your fresh produce needs.

We can develop customized programs to suit your company’s specific needs and operate as an extension of your business in the supply chain management. Our cold chain throughout our distribution facility means your product quality will be maintained at the highest level and the shelf life of your products will be maximized. We have state of the art Racks fully built in. We offer two separate docks for shipping and receiving: one for dry,room temperature products and the other for cold, temperature controlled products.